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The problem with AI beauty influencers: we can't envy them. (2023) 

Article for Dazed Beauty

Text by Paula Wengerodt

Editor: Alex Peters


Our Lady of Perpetual Distraction (2023) 

Article for Wayzgoose Magazine

Text and cover image design: Paula Wengerodt

Website director: Ciara Jowett



Covid-19, Mental Health, and the View from the GDR (2020) 

Article for The Broad Online


Screenshot 2020-02-03 at 17.43.24.png

Bulb (2019) 

Published in Hereafter, the 10th anniversary issue of PublishEd's biannual. literary magazine, The Inkwell.


Editor-in-Chief: Georgia Leslie

Text: Paula Wengerodt

Poetry Editor: George Williams

Design: Stephanie Jin

Millennium Children (2016)


This book of portraits and interviews of people born between 1999/2000 was a personal project with the aim of investigating the political, social and cultural views of Gen Z shortly prior to the 2016 Brexit Referendum and the US general election.  

Lignite (2015) 

Published in The Penguin Chalke Valley History Prize anthology winning first prize.

Published by Penguin

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